Sunshine and heat wave to end the week


The sun will be back this weekend at the same time as a low-pressure system that will raise the mercury in some areas of Quebec.

All of Quebec will be able to enjoy sunny skies, starting Friday, and for the rest of the weekend. As for temperatures, they will be “a little above normal”, according to Simon Legault, meteorologist at Environment Canada, but not exceptional.

“This weekend’s temperatures will seem hot and humid because we have not yet experienced this type of temperature in Quebec. We’re not going to break any records, but it’s going to contrast with what we’ve been experiencing lately,” he said, noting that the second half of July is the hottest time of the year.

“We are even a little late compared to the hot weather,” he added.

The rise of the thermometer is expected from Sunday on most sectors and could persist for several days. This will be particularly the case in Montreal, which will be affected by a heat wave with temperatures of over 30 ° C, for three consecutive days.

According to Environment Canada data, on Thursday, it will be 32°C on Sunday, 30°C on Monday and 31°C on Tuesday. The mercury in the metropolis will only go down on Wednesday (28°C).

Southern Quebec has already experienced a period of heat wave and heat records last May. It was the “earliest heat wave ever recorded”, according to Environment Canada meteorologists at the time.

First Tornado Confirmed

The Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) confirmed on Thursday that the severe weather that hit the southern part of the province on July 1, particularly northwest of Montreal, produced the first tornado of the year.

“Investigations conducted by the NTP, both on the ground and by drone, have revealed that an EF1 tornado and an EF1 gust occurred on July 1, northwest of Montreal,” reads a release.

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