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POSP Podcast Series Episode 7 - Preparing for Data Migration Before Transitioning to a new EMR
Guest: Elinor Heinrichs, Practice Manager for Neurology Consultants, Red Deer Alberta. (Length 08:36)

EMR Quarterly Roundtable

Fourth CanadianEMR Roundtable Forum - Personal Health Records and Patient Portals - Benefits and Challenges.
Panelists: Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Dr. Jay Mercer, Dr. David Wiljer and Sam Marafioti (Length: 34:26)
Category: Office Automation
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EMR Weekly Report

February 13, 2012 - A Forward Looking Discussion on EMR Adoption and Use
Guest: Bill Pascal, Chief Technology Officer - Canadian Medical Association (Length - 09:33)
Category: Office Automation
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October 10, 2011 - Insights on Using EMRs from an Experienced Locum
Guest: Dr. Hugh Fisher, Family Physician and Locum, British Columbia (Length: 07:10)
Category: Office Automation
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July 11, 2011 - Should Physicians Be Forced to Adopt EMRs?
Guest: Dr. Mark Dermer, Family Physician, Ottawa, Ontario. Dr. Dermer is a Leader in Innovative Interdisciplinary Care. (Length: 12:59)
Category: Canadian Healthcare System
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