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POSP Podcast Series Episode 4 - Using EMRs to Achieve Meaningful Use
This POSP education podcast deals with the use of EMRs to achieve Meaningful Use through the use of metrics and reporting. Mike Brand, Clinic Manager and Audrey Wiebe RN, Associate Medical Centre in Taber, Alberta. (Length: 11:05)

EMR Quarterly Roundtable

Fourth CanadianEMR Roundtable Forum - Personal Health Records and Patient Portals - Benefits and Challenges.
Panelists: Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Dr. Jay Mercer, Dr. David Wiljer and Sam Marafioti (Length: 34:26)
Category: Office Automation
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EMR Weekly Report

February 13, 2012 - A Forward Looking Discussion on EMR Adoption and Use
Guest: Bill Pascal, Chief Technology Officer - Canadian Medical Association (Length - 09:33)
Category: Office Automation
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October 10, 2011 - Insights on Using EMRs from an Experienced Locum
Guest: Dr. Hugh Fisher, Family Physician and Locum, British Columbia (Length: 07:10)
Category: Office Automation
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July 11, 2011 - Should Physicians Be Forced to Adopt EMRs?
Guest: Dr. Mark Dermer, Family Physician, Ottawa, Ontario. Dr. Dermer is a Leader in Innovative Interdisciplinary Care. (Length: 12:59)
Category: Canadian Healthcare System
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