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InfoClin has developed an EMR implementation methodology that is a proven approach based on rigorous testing in small, family physician offices. The methodology was developed in conjunction with McMaster University and is based on a comprehensive literature search and evidence-based extraction of best practices, visits to bench mark EMR sites across North America and rigorous experiments and testing.

ITAC Health is Canada's only Healthcare Information and Communications Technology Trade Association representing over 120 Canadian ICT companies actively involved in the health sector. ITAC Health facilitates pro-active collaboration among and between governments, healthcare providers and others to support decision making by policy and investment decision-makers. The electronic health record is the core component of both the national strategy to establish a Pan Canadian EHR and similar projects in Ontario, Alberta, BC and other Provinces. Physicians in private practice and clinical settings are pivotal stakeholders in this process. ITAC Health established a Standing Committee on Physician Office Systems in August of 2002, to help foster, nurture and promote the use of information and communication technology tools by practicing physicians and their staff in a private office or clinic setting. 

Founding Sponsors


TELUS® and Intel® are proudly recognized for their early contribution to the founding of CanadianEMR.


Sponsorship is being actively pursued by CanadianEMR in order to fund and support the ongoing development of the web site and services according to the following guiding principles:

  • Sponsors will be sought who provide products or services that support growth of the entire EMR market for the benefit of physicians, vendors and funding organizations;
  • Sponsorship of CanadianEMR may be provided through financial funding or in-kind services or a combination of both;
  • Vendors of EMR systems in Canada may not directly sponsor CanadianEMR.

If you would like to become a sponsor of CanadianEMR and believe that your organization or business meets the above criteria, please contact CanadianEMR for further details at