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"Alan, As you are aware, BC along with most other jurisdictions in Canada are undergoing the IT move. One of the things I hear back from my colleagues is the lack of information available to assist them in making choices for their practices. I feel there is a very strong need for a balanced, unbiased, comprehensive data base of all EMR options available. I have been to the website and have found it very helpful. I strongly believe that this type of arms length information is absolutely necessary for the successful implementation of eHealth in our Country"

Dr. Catherine Clelland

Executive Director
Society of General Practitioners of BC

"I would like to thank you for the work you have done with Canadian EMR and in particular with the podcasts that you organise. I regularly listen to the podcasts and find them extremely useful in keeping informed of current thinking in the area of EMR’s and the technology challenges faced by the community. It is refreshing to hear from such a well informed cross section of people about their challenges, frustrations, hopes and aspirations for Healthcare IT and it acts as a reminder to the more technically oriented organisations about why we are doing this work. Please keep them coming."

Charles Aram

Enterprise Integration Analyst
Sierra Systems
Calgary, Alberta

"Canadian EMR is a valuable resource that allows me to gain an understanding of the industry and the forces at play in purchasing decisions that are outside of my standards and health informatics experience, and delve into the thinking behind what clinicians really want. As well, Alan's blog is always thought-provoking and something I often share with colleagues to spark discussion."

Alexis "Allie" Grassie

Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Shared Information Management Services University
Health Network
Toronto, Ontario

"Good Newsletter. I *read it* before deleting. Something that does not happen with much of my e-mail. I realize that I could dredge around the Internet and find this information, but I read the eNewsletter, so don't have to. Keep up the good work."

Dr. David Beach

Picton, Ontario

"While not a medical professional, I am an entrepreneur and businessman who has had occasion to use Canadian EMR for the purposes of assisting a doctor with the review of technologies for electronic record management. The website houses a terrific amount of useful information, but, as importantly, is easy to navigate and is intuitive to use. I will be back again! Indeed, the entrepreneur in me will watch with interest as this great tool grows, as I am certain it will!"

Mark Mawhinney 

"My Family Health Network has recently signed an EMR contract; we'll start implementation in Feb/March 2006. I have been looking at your website "CanadianEMR", and just wanted to let you know that it has been extremely helpful. The comments are very useful and informative, and the site is very well organized. Thank you for hosting this very valuable resource."

Michelle Greiver MD, CCFP

North York, Ontario

"Well done Alan. Impressive addition to our health informatics resources, particularly around the EMR agenda. Keep up the good work." 

Denis J. Protti

Professor, School of Health Information Science

University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

"Just found out about CanadianEMR. Thanks so much for creating this site. We are just beginning the process of implementing EMR. I can't wait to read everything on this site. The first items have been so helpful. Perhaps I will be able to add some insights later."

Warren Rubenstein, MD

Toronto, Ontario

"In my position here at the Community Health Centre, one aspect of my job is to see into the future and provide the best technology infrastructure for the pracitioners who operate our clinic. Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Medical Support staff all want to work as effectively as they can, provide the best service to our clients, and of course, meet budget requirements. So, I can absolutely say that your site has been of great value to me. Articles on Exam Room Layouts, postings from your members, every week something else to read, all things that I need to provide the best service to the Professionals who work here at the Centre." 

Don Bews CISSP

Data Management Coordinator / Privacy Officer

North Lanark County Community Health Centre