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Although anyone can view and use CanadianEMR information and the EMR Comparison Engine, only Canadian physicians or users of EMR systems are entitled to post comments on the CanadianEMR Blog. Vendors of hardware or EMR software should use the site as a resource, but are not entitled to post responses to physician commentary. The Blog is constantly monitored to ensure relevance of discussion items.

Contributors to the CanadianEMR Blog are asked to be constructive in their
postings. The objective of this forum is to foster the sharing of information to advance the adoption of Electronic Medical Records. If postings are felt to be inappropriate, they will be removed, and the individual who posted the offending comment will be blocked from future postings.


DISCLAIMER: While every effort is made to ensure that comments posted on the
CanadianEMR Blog by contributors are accurate and relevant, CanadianEMR has
no control over the opinions of contributors or the initial posting of comments on the Blog. The opinions presented are not endorsed or supported by Dr. Alan Brookstone, Cientis Technologies Inc., or CanadianEMR. Should you identify a posting that is incorrect or misleading, please contact CanadianEMR directly at .