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EMR Satisfaction Rating Tool

The EMR market in Canada is evolving. As such, evaluation data on all aspects of IT implementation and use will become increasingly important to the physicians, funding organizations and vendors responsible for decision making, product development and, naturally, resource allocation.

As a founding principle, CanadianEMR is striving to gather and share information on IT among its stakeholders within an inclusive, transparent and participatory environment.

Canadian EMR has developed a Satisfaction Rating survey with input from physician and vendor advisory groups. Its intent is to provide a fair and balanced rating of EMR system use in Canada. This 15 question Satisfaction Rating is used on the CanadianEMR website and allows physicians to rate their EMR according to Purchase Experience, Implementation Experience, Support Experience, Usability, and Satisfaction with the Product. 

Rating Tool Now Available Upon Request

In this interest, CanadianEMR is freely sharing the CanadianEMR Satisfaction Rating survey with organizations who are interested in helping refine the tool to build support for its long-term use and recognition as a credible information source for all physicians, industry, the academic community, and government.

Organizations or individuals who use the CanadianEMR Satisfaction Rating are encouraged to use the survey in original format if the intent is to compare results against those that are published on the CanadianEMR website. In the event that modifications to the survey are required, the CanadianEMR Satisfaction Rating is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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