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For Vendors

Vendors of EMR systems in Canada are recognized as critical partners in achieving successful adoption of EMRs by physicians. As a result, input is always welcome from the vendor community to ensure that the tools developed by CanadianEMR to capture and display information about EMR systems are fair and balanced.

All vendors of EMR systems in Canada (subject to a review and approval process) are entitled to list product comparison information about their EMR system on CanadianEMR and create an Enhanced Vendor Profile. If a vendor elects to create an Enhanced Vendor Profile, a fee is charged to the vendor for the creation of the profile which entitles a vendor to upload their company logo and manage information about their company and product(s) plus upload and manage documents such as customer testimonials, white papers and product sheets. A vendor will be required to enter into an agreement with CanadianEMR that outlines the terms of use of CanadianEMR and a code of conduct that is expected when posting and maintaining their product information.

Once a product listing has been created by a vendor and has been populated with information on their product(s), the date of last update will be clearly displayed for that particular vendor. It is in the vendor's best interest for this information to be updated on a regular basis. In order to facilitate regular updates of the product profiles, automated email reminders will be provided to a designated email address reminding the vendor to update their product profile. Creation of an Enhanced Vendor Profile entitles a vendor to verify physicians who have rated their EMR product(s) on CanadianEMR. Once the EMR Satisfaction Ratings are published, all ratings will be clearly displayed as 'Verified' or 'Unverified'.

All EMR products listed on CanadianEMR can be rated by physician users of that product, using the CanadianEMR Satisfaction Rating system. This is a series of 15 questions that describe the user's experience with the purchase, implementation, support, usability, and satisfaction with the product. After completing a short questionnaire and a disclosure statement regarding any conflict of interest, physicians will be asked for consent to contact their EMR vendor to confirm that the physician is a bona fide user of that EMR. They will then be able to select their EMR system from a list of systems available and will be able to rate their EMR. All rating information provided by physicians will be anonymized. CanadianEMR has attempted to list all EMR products commercially available and used in Canada by physicians. If a product is not listed, either a physician or EMR vendor may request to have the product listed. For more information about the CanadianEMR Satisfaction Rating methodology, please e-mail

Physician raters of EMR systems may:

  • Be referred from their EMR vendor directly;
  • Be referred from a provincial funding body or medical association;
  • Self-identify through CanadianEMR, register as a physician user and rate their EMR system.

Vendor Advisory Panel

The Vendor Advisory Panel is made up of senior executives from EMR vendors who provide input on CanadianEMR.