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Physician Advisory Panel

Please note: All physician ratings are anonymous and all personal information will be treated as highly confidential, according the CanadianEMR Privacy Policy.

Physician Advisory Panel

The Physician Advisory Panel is made up of physicians with recognized expertise on Electronic Medical Records drawn from provinces/territories across Canada. Physicians with any direct or indirect (holding company) share ownership in an EMR vendor, or who are members of the board of directors of an EMR company, are not  permitted to sit on the Physician Advisory Panel.

CanadianEMR recognizes the expertise and guidance of the Physician Advisory Panel members:

Dr. Karim Keshavjee (Ontario)
Dr. Steve Edworthy (Alberta)
Dr. Norm Yee (Alberta)
Dr. Morgan Price (British Columbia)
Dr. James Lai (British Columbia)
Dr. Jean-Francois Rancourt (Quebec)
Dr. Eric Paradis (Quebec)