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About CanadianEMR

CanadianEMR is an authoritative and widely recognized national resource for physicians, medical office staff, healthcare planners, government organizations, and vendors of EMR systems. In Canada, 30-40% of Canadian physicians use EMR systems in their practices as part of their day-to-day operations and care of patients. It is recognized that physician adoption and use of technology is a system enabler that will support enhanced delivery of care, reduce adverse events, and reduce unnecessary duplication of tests and investigations. According to the 2010 National Physician Survey, a total of 16.1% of physicians report using Electronic Medical Records instead of paper charts. This compares to 9.8% in 2007 (21.5% of GPs and 10.1% of specialists in 2010 vs. 12.3% and 7% respectively in 2007).

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Information on CanadianEMR is either contributed by physicians who use EMR systems or is provided and maintained by EMR vendors that participate in the CanadianEMR program. Participating EMR vendors contribute and maintain product information which is available through the EMR comparison engine. Participating EMR vendors have the ability to upload documents to their vendor profile. Uploaded documents include Case Studies, Corporate Brochures, Data Sheets and User Testimonials. These documents are provided by EMR vendors in order to facilitate quick access to information on a specific company or product and are created and managed by EMR vendors. EMR vendor content is not endorsed by CanadianEMR and does not represent the views of CanadianEMR, Cientis Technologies, our sponsors or partners.

CanadianEMR allows users to do the following:

  • Compare EMR systems head-to-head using the EMR Comparison Engine.
  • View detailed information about EMR companies and products in the Vendor Profile section.
  • Rate an EMR system using the CanadianEMR five-star rating system according to five measures of quality. All EMR ratings undergo a review and verification process. If a rater cannot be verified as a user of that product, these ratings may be published by CanadianEMR and are clearly identified as unverified ratings. (Raters can return at any time to update their EMR rating via a registered user account.)
  • Identify and access companies that provide products and services to support EMR based practices in the Resource Directory.
  • Review and add your comments to the CanadianEMR blog, an online meeting place where physicians or users of EMR systems can participate in moderated EMR-related peer discussions.

For more information on specific features available on CanadianEMR, read the FAQs.